VODKA Exclusiv 80 proof (Moldova)

$16.99 (ltr.)        $21.99 (1.75 ltr.)

This small Republic (once part of the USSR) is bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north and east. Made from wheat for silky texture, this excellent Vodka offers both flavor and smoothness. You cannot find a better Vodka for the money.

GIN, Berkshire Mountain Distillers Ethereal Barrel Aged (Sheffield, MA)

$29.99 (750 ml.)

World Class Gin is made right here in The Berkshires! At Berkshire Mountain Distillers, they make 3 different offerings of Gin (Greylock, Ethereal and their Barrel Aged Ethereal). All are great, but the Barrel Aged is unique in the world of Gins. Reminds me of drinking good Anejo Tequila.

RUM, Blackwell Golden (Jamaica)

$27.99 (750 ml.)

Started by Chris Blackwell who founded Island Records and brought regae music to the world. He now brings this fine Jamaican rum to our tables and bars. Extremely fine rum made with Jamaican Sugar Cane. Mixes well or drinks fine by itself over ice.

BOURBON, Willett (Kentucky)

$37.99 (750 ml.)

One of the great old houses in Bourbon County Kentucky, this is an amazing whiskey with great nuance and breeding. Still made in old "pot stills" the bottle is shaped like one. Small, hand-crafted Bourbon.

SCOTCH, The Famous Grouse (Blended-Scotland)

$28.99 (750 ml.)

An award winning whisky from the Scotish highlands. Blended malts with an added richness that is somewhat lacking in its competitor Dewar's.

Bauchant (Cognac-Orange Liquer) France

$32.99 (750 ml.)

This liqueur is made like the more expensive Grand Marnier. A blend of Cognac and Orange Liqueur, it tastes and mixes just like Grand Marnier at a price that is somewhat more affordable. Compare and save!

Combier (Orange Triple Sec) France

$33.99 (750 ml.)

Combier and Cointreau were both developed in France around the same time. Cointreau made it to market first and Combier faded into the backround. Virtually the same liqueur as Cointreau, Combier costs less and delivers all the flavor and mixability. Again, compare and save!

LIQUERS - Mathilde Framboise and Creme de Peche (France)

$12.99 (375 ml.)

This wonderful line of fruit liqueurs are made by the house of Cognac Pierre Ferrand. They are completely hand made and natural. No additives or stablizers are added. Try using these to add another dimension to your cocktails.